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                                Message from BSOGA President

Jai Shri Krishna,

Thanks for the honor and giving me the opportunity to lead BSOGA for years 2015 & 2016. 
It was very encouraging to have many senior members of Samaj backing you to take such a responsibility. I look forward to a great term with an active support of Shri Pradipbhai Sevak (Vice President), Shri Pradipbhai Joshi (Secretary) and Dr. Niranjanbhai Dave (Treasurer).
All four of us believe that, titles are immaterial, and we have simply decided to come together solely to serve you for next two years. We all believe that, it will be two great years at end.

I think I am stepping into a strong legacy charted by many individuals before me, including the term just concluded, which was led by Smt Gitaben Kotecha. She has been a great family friend for many years and we know each other very well. I want to sincerely thank her and her executive team for giving two years of their time to serve BSOGA. I thank them for great leadership and fantastic programs during this period. Needless to say, I look forward to a smooth transition from her. Thanks also to Shri Rameshbhai Bhatt, Shri Indubhai Raval and Shri Jaidevbhai Jani for their continuous support.

We cannot ignore the fact that, it was also a challenging period too, but we have reconciled and overcame it. It is behind us now. Our new team will not ponder on it anymore, but will rather make the reconciliation stronger, energetic and highly participative to make BSOGA stronger and bigger.

I want to thank each one of you who were present in the meeting and welcomed my five point plan for improving and energizing different facets of BSOGA. The responses were overwhelming. Those of you who could not make it I am sharing it again to welcome more participation.

  • Programs and Events (Regular and New)
  • Communication (Website, Social Media, e-mails, Vicharshakti)
  • Governance (Constitution, operating procedures, Transparency)
  • Finances (Memberships, Donations, Sponsorships, Scholarships)
  • Generation Next !! - Involvement of our Young, Young Adults and Young Couples

P.S. We have almost planned our first program "Picnic". Stay tuned for more details.
Our team will reach out to Volunteers for assistance and arrangements.

Thanks and God Bless BSOGA.

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